FAQ'd - "Where is your coffee from?"

This is a common one, and a question I often struggle to answer - it's hard to give the best answer without sounding like I'm being a smartass.  "Pretty much everywhere" sure sounds like I'm giving sass, but it is genuinely the best answer I have.  

We buy coffees from almost everwhere in the world that grows coffee, and the one region we don't buy from (Asia) is not an intentional choice or preference so much as just not finding a coffee from there we're excited to serve.  

Our coffees hail from South & Central Americas, Southeast Asia, and Africa.  For blended products we typically mix and match multiple contintent or region origins rather than coffees from the same general area; for instance our popular Spitfire currently contains Sumatra, Peru, and East Timor.  Each contributes something very different to the end goal of the blended product; the Sumatra brings smoky spicyness, the Pperu some nuttiness and toasted sugars, and the Timor brings a hearty body and the deeper woodsmoke notes that compliment the Sumatra's spice.  

All of our blended products note the origins they're made of on their webstore page and we offer many of those as single origins as well; if there's an origin we use that's not listed but you want to buy feel free to get in touch - we can probably set aside a bag for you when we roast next.  

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