Rise & Shine! Morning Blend

Tasting notes: Dry, rich, port-wine nuttyness, with floral and aromatic notes of green herbs, citrus, and pineapple-y fruit notes.

Origins: Colombia & Ethiopia

Recommended Brew: Pour-over, Chemex, or Counter-top brew machine.

Rise & Shine! is a bright, exciting, morning light-roast, with gentle nutty richness as a base and aromatic fruits and florals for sweetness and complexity.  

We wanted to very much highlight the brightness, nuance, and fruit-forward flavours of Craft light roasts, but also to try and undercut the sharpness and sourness that often come along for the ride.  The result is a coffee that's got lots of pep, lots of flavour, a great way to start any day!

What's in our current Rise & Shine! blend?

70% Colombia Tolima

30% Ethiopia Sidama Peaberry

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