Craft roasting is a philosophy -- to us, it means roasting each coffee to it's potential.
Our focus is bringing out balance and clarity in each cup.
Unlike most craft roasters, we roast to several different degrees of roast. 
While a dark roast has more body, earthiness, and a charcoal finish -- 
we still try to make it a balanced and focused cup of coffee, to make it the most
enjoyable dark roast possible. 
We find that each roast degree and processing type has a different profile 
that best suits it. As there are over 800 chemicals that are changed and affected in the
roast process, this means that it's hard to know for each bean or type of coffee how it's
best to roast it. While there is a lot of science involved -- and this tells us a good starting point for each roast,
and how to adjust our roast based on our previous results. That's why we spend so much time and effort on
profiling our roasts, and getting nice looking graphs like the one below.
But, even when you roast a coffee exactly how you've planned, there are still so many unknowns.
This is what makes roasting coffee an art. To us, this means we need to get as much feedback
as possible on each of our roasts.
Not only do we rely on internal feedback, but also on external feedback from our customers. 
This allows us to hone our cup to get exactly the flavour profiles we are looking for and to 
produce something that is reliably delicious.
We hope you join us on our journey to a great cup of coffee.