The french press, press pot, or cafetiere is one of the simplest and most iconic manual coffeemakers, and brings its own very unique character to coffees brewed with it.  We find it best flatters darker coffees, bringing a full body out easily and allowing the deeper notes of the coffee to shine.  With a lighter roast, there’s a finer margin of error in brewing before overextraction starts to drown out subtler notes.  Here’s our method, using the Baratza Encore as our grinder.


1. Fill and start your kettle.  Might as well give it a head start so nothing else needs to wait as long.  


Fill the grinder’s hopper, then set the grind to about 22 and run for 30 seconds, you should have approximately 45 grams of coffee.  Between 40 and 50 are our optimum amount of ground coffee for a 1L french press, depending how strong we want it. 


Put the coffee into the press, and once your kettle boils, wait exactly 2 minutes.  The best temperature range to brew at here is between 90 and 94c (195 - 201f), letting your water cool just a little while will get you somewhere close and consistent to that without needing a thermometer.  


Pour just enough water to wet all the grounds, then let them sit for 40 seconds.  Add the rest of the water, then put the cap on and press the plunger down just far enough that all your coffee is completely submerged below the waterline. 



Let it stand for four minutes then press the plunger all the way to the bottom and pour. 



The coffee will continue to brew, at a much slower rate, as long as liquid is in contact with grounds.  You may prefer to decant your brew once complete to halt this, but that is a matter of personal preference.