Hario V60

The Hario V60 Cone is the most substantial update to the drip cones that most folks are already familiar with in the last 20 years.  Its large hole at the bottom and fully circular shape allow for a more even extraction under ideal conditions and more ability to control the brewing process for the user. 

Our method works best with a kitchen or brewing scale and a timer, alongside the usual kit of grinder, brewer, filters, and coffee.  The addition of a scale and timer allow you to add water in measured and intentional amounts at consistent intervals.  This isn't absolutely necessary, but makes the process easier and great results more repeatable.  

The general process is to mostly fill the cone once, then add more water slightly slower than it drains through, so the water level is always decreasing, but you aren't pouring in all your water all in one go, either.  Ideally, you are looking to have enough water to thouroughly immerse your brew mass and allow the addition of more water to agitate the slurry. 

Too little water at any point, and your water is running through grounds rather than agitating the brew slurry. But too much water, and your brew mass' settling leaves your slurry deeper in the water than pouring more reaches; and more importantly as the slurry settles the water at the top can also begin exiting the filter laterally without contacting coffee grounds rather than out the bottom via the brew mass.   

It is the maintenance of this balance that gives the V60 a reputation as a more technical or skill-based brewing method.  

Without further ado, here goes.  

First up, start your kettle.  While it's heating, weigh out your beans.