Classic Espresso

Tasting notes: Cocoa, Caramel, Chocolate, Cedar
Origins: Mexico, Colombia, Sumatra
Recommended Brew: Espresso or drip cone.

Our espresso blend, but we've also worked hard to ensure it brews well as a classic coffee as well. 

As an espresso: bold, exciting, and front-loaded with rich chocolate and caramel to coat the mouth and wash into pleasant woods and nuts before a somewhat unusual spicy finish.  We've specifically blended this to be flattered, not overwhelmed, by the addition of milk.

As a brewed coffee, the caramel and spice notes both fade further into a more complex chocolate, leaving a rich and unusual brew starting with hints of cocoa, calming and fading into a cocoa and caramel finish with lingering notes of toasted spices. 

What's in our current Classic Espresso blend?

60% Uganda Bugisu

30% Colombia Ocamonte

10% Ethiopia Sidamo Hache


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