Colombia Ocamonte Satander Medium Roast

Roast Level


Tasting Notes: 

Mellow Acidity, Vanilla, Graham Cracker

A soothing cup of coffee, great for early mornings. 


We roast this a bit lighter than medium, to accentuate the brightness of the coffee without being sour or too acidic. We slow down our roast before first crack, to develop the caramels and create a deeper, more complex sweetness. There's no roast flavour or ashiness, but a smooth ending with toasted sugar throughout. 

Roast Curve: (how to read this)

Batch Size:  55-60 Lbs

Roast Time: 16:15


Producer: Asociación Pequeños Caficultores de Ocamonte (APCO) consists of 270 small family farms from Ocamonte, which is just north of Bogota. 

Elevation: 1200-1700 M (what does this mean?)

Processing: Washed (what does this mean?)


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