Nicaragua Jinotega Paraiso Dark Roast

Tasting notes: Cocoa & honey, oaked wine dryness, woodsmoke.

Origins: municipality of Jinotega, Nicaragua

Grower: J&M Family Coffee, S.A.

Harvest Season: December - March

Terrior: Volcanic loam, between 1,150 and 1,500 meters altitude, wet processed full wash. *

Recommended Brew: French Press, Clever Dripper, or drip machine.

This is a fairly zesty dark roast, with an overall dark cocoa and honey profile accompanied by notes of red wine's oaky dryness and a tiny bit of woodsmoke.

It's a dark roast for dark roast lovers, to be sure, but we've worked hard to create a profile for roasting this coffee to be very smooth, very rich in body and bold, brash taste while still highlighting the beans' own distinct oaked wine and honey flavours we so particularly love.  

Sourced from five farms throughout the province of Jinotega owned by the J&M family of Juan de Dios Castillo and his wife Miriam Aruaz, who purchased the land for coffee farming thirty years ago from the earnings of a tailor shop they also still run, though their five children named and run the current generation of the coffee farm and business, focusing on environmentally positive farming practices and complete quality control on the end, shipped product, having built their own wet and dry mills to assure their exacting standards are maintained in the end product delivered to us.  

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